Europe’s property markets since the collapse of Lehmans’ bank

How have Europe’s residential property markets managed over the last five year’s since the collapse of Lehman Brothers’ Bank? Knight Frank looks at the statistics, calculating each market’s average price change from Q3 2008 to date.

The impact of the ensuing crisis is most prominent on central and eastern European markets, Spain, and Ireland. While the resilience of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and with the exception of Denmark the Scandinavian markets is also notable.

Knight Frank have also been monitoring the performance of different asset classes over this time, including property, farmland, gold and the FTSE 100.

Despite a recent fall in gold prices, the precious metal has increased in value by 76% over the same period.

In the last 5 years, prime central London property has increased by 35%, according to the Knight Frank Prime Central London index, just ahead of the FTSE 100 (32%) and Farmland (30%). UK house prices are just 5% higher than they were five years ago.

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